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Mobveus stands for “Mobile, is Obvious. Now, can we make our objectives more obvious? As an organization, our purpose is to bring decision making data on mobile phones for CEOs and Business owners on their hand held devices. Dedicated applications for both Android and iOS offer a new opportunity for businesses to directly engage with audiences. Our development team represents an extension of your business, applying decades of software and mobile application development to create the perfect mobile application for your business. We develop using a variety of popular coding languages including: Swift, Objective-c, React Native, Java, and C++.

Our Solutions Include:

iOS & Android High-Performance App Development • Monetization Strategy

Our experience in building Mobile applications and taking them to consumers is deep and elaborate. We also help our clients build products that are ready to raise investments. We understand how Investment Memorandums are built and what part Technology plays in defining a business. So We Specialise in the Agile approach and build all the documentation required to position your product as a well thought through and well documented effort. We’ve had significant success in the past in being able to raise multiple rounds of funding for the Mobile product companies we work with.

Our Methodology

  1. Build Process for all Deliverables
  2. Define the High Level Epic
  3. Define the Actors
  4. Define the User stories
  5. Define Usecases
  6. Usecase Mapping / Impact
  7. Wireframing (UX)
  8. Mockups (UI)
  9. Build (Dev)
  10. Test (Test): Elaborate this section with expectations and definitions
  11. Security: Elaborate this section with expectations and definitions
  12. Version Control: Elaborate this section with expectations and definitions
  13. Release (Prod)
  14. Definition of Code:
  15. Mobile App Code
  16. Web App Code
  17. Cloud Code:
  18. Server Architecture
  19. Assumptions Document
  20. Scale Predictability and Definitions
  21. Security Predictability and Definitions
  22. Test Scenarios and Test Cases
  23. Hosting and Data Management
  24. Documentation
  25. Predevelopment Documentation
  26. Points 01-07 of Step 04
  27. Development Documentation
  28. Github/ Equivalent
  29. Code Structure and definitions
  30. Post Development Documentation
  31. Documentation for Business Account Admin
  32. Documentation for Admin

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