Social Media Management Startup Mentorship and Turnkey Solutions

Mobveus is constantly working toward creating a culture and infrastructure that fosters mentorship for many Startups. From one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many, online and in person programs, Mobveus is setting the standards in engaging with Startups and SMEs for Business and Technology Advice. We realize that Entrepreneurs need access to other entrepreneurs who have experience in building and growing successful ventures. Mobveus connects Startups with others who are ahead of the curve and who can lend their time and expertise to accelerate the learning and growth of others. Our Mentorship program never ceases to grow in importance. Whether it is testing an idea, exploring a new market, struggling with work-life balance or navigating exits. Mobveus is supporting entrepreneurs globally. Business Leaders who have been successful to send the ladder down to help others have changed the way young startups doBusiness.

Our Services Include

  1. Select a Name and Legal Structure. ...
  2. Write a Business Plan. ...
  3. Setting up your legal entity
  4. Setting up a bank account
  5. Support in preparing Pitch Decks
  6. Reaching out to VC’s and Angles
  7. Obtain Licenses and Permits. ...
  8. Hire Employees (if applicable) ...
  9. Set up an Accounting and Record-Keeping System.
  10. Setting up in-house Intellectual Property Solutions
  11. Knowing your IP Basics
  12. Drafting documents to protect Trademarks
  13. Drafting documents to protect Copyrights
  14. Drafting documents to protect Patents
  15. Understanding Digital Assets and protection

This is an inexhaustible list of services we offer. Our aim is to provide all the solutions required for startups to build and go to market.

We know that clarity and healthy communication is the foundation of any great relationship. With the knowledge and expertise at Mobveus Technologies, we are confident that we can make a beneficial impact on your business and its bottom line.

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